OMAX® abrasive waterjets have the ability to cut virtually anything, and that versatility means Warrenton Steel will never have to turn down a job due to material restrictions. OMAX waterjet is a computerized technology that can cut most materials, no matter how brittle, into any two dimensional shape. Waterjet cutting is a clear, cold process that does not heat, harden, or distort metals.

Anything that can be drawn on a computer can be cut by waterjet.

Waterjet Cutting Waterjet cuts all types of Materials Waterjet tooling

The OMAX® waterjet machine will cut all grades of steel, metals, composites and alloys of all types.

• Carbon Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Hardened Tool Steel
• Alloys of All Types
• Aluminum
• Titanium
• Copper
• Brass
• Glass
• Stone
• Rubber

Our trained sales staff is available to assist with product selection and fabrication requirements.

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