A/C Security Enclosures

Warrenton Steel, LLC., We Install What We Sell We Will Manufacture To Your Specifications Protect your A/C condenser units from vandalism and copper thieves. Warrenton Steel has designed three levels of protection: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. These security enclosures are designed to be installed around your A/C condenser units to provide various levels of protection based upon your needs and budgets.

Level 1 AC Security Cage

Security at minimum cost. This unit is for light security applications. Two flat steel bands enclose the condenser unit and secure to the mounting pad or can be post buried into concrete. A padlock hasp is provided to enable access for maintenance. Enclosure can be primed and painted to your specifications.

Level 2 AC Security Cage

Medium security at a mid-level cost. The Level 2 unit is designed for medium security applications. It fully encloses the condenser unit in a square frame with steel pickets, a hinged top opening access door, and a hasp for a padlock. Maintenance can be performed to the unit while the enclosure is in place. Legs are designed to be buried in concrete. Enclosure can be primed and painted per your specifications.

Level 3 AC Security Cage

Built for those areas that require maximum security. The Level 3 unit is designed to provide maximum deterrence to vandals or copper thieves. The Level 3 frame is constructed using a heavy gage steel. The solid steel pickets fully enclose the condenser unit. Legs buried in concrete add to security. Top opening hinged access with a padlock hasp for easy access for maintenance. The smallest Level 3 enclosure weighs approximately 150#.

Our trained sales staff is available to assist with product selection and fabrication requirements.

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